April 1 Meeting

“Keep Your Brain Stronger for Longer”

Cognitive Care Solutions (CCS) provides private individualized cognitive enhancement therapy sessions for those with mild cognitive impairment, mild dementia, or for those who just want to maintain their brain strength. Current scientific research has revealed exciting findings about the brain’s amazing ability to create new neurons and neural connections – at any age. This process is called plasticity and it represents a breakthrough in how we understand brain functioning.

Due to the power of brain plasticity, mental abilities can be strengthened. Research has shown significant improvement on performance scores after cognitive exercise training. The brain is not a muscle but it can function as one when we exercise it, our brain gets stronger. To keep it strong we need to keep challenging it regularly. Cognitive exercise includes training the following skills: Memory, Reasoning, Processing Speed, Concentration, Logical Sequencing, Word Naming, Planning, Problem Solving & Visual-Spatial Skills.

In addition to cognitive exercise, there are several other modifiable risk factors that are highly correlated to brain health. Addressing these lifestyle factors can improve brain abilities and keep people with cognitive impairment functioning at their highest optimal potential for longer. No we cannot cure dementia or stop the progression but we can treat it through CCS’s comprehensive treatment plan.

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